Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Sister, Sue Ellen Katz, Makes Faces

She's really my sister-in-law but I've always felt the term "in-law" has a slightly negative connotation - like "outlaw" - and there is nothing negative about Sue Ellen.  She has always been and will always be sensational at everything she does (and she's done everything). 

Her artistic endeavors have always been my favorite.  She has created stunning beadwork for years but on one of her recent annual birthdays (yes, she acknowledges them every year) she changed the B in Beader for an H, becoming a Header.   Not as in shrink, cannabis addict, or soccer player, but as in sculptor of heads.  Little ones.  To hone her craft she committed to creating a head-a-day for 365 consecutive days - and she did it. 
Inspired by her commitment and success, I vowed on my recent fifty-seventh (I'm lisdexic) birthday to honor my favorite, one and only sister on her fifty-twelfth birthday by dedicating the FLOG to Sue Ellen and all of her heads.
Happy Birthday Sue Ellen!

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  1. Uncle David you are the best "brother" EVER. I LOVE this....where did you get some of the pictures? Thank you...for taking the time to write such wonderful things and put all of these pictures together. I love YOU. oxoxoxo Aunt Shoe