Thursday, October 11, 2012

Illegitimi non carborundum

 avian blues
this bird is totally plucked
By now, everyone in the country is all a-twitter (and a-facebooked, and a-linkedin, etc.) about the big flap over Mitt Romney's stated deficit reduction plan as well as President Obama's subsequent campaign nest feathering (responsibly recycling materials left in the wake of a flightless yellow fellow who suddenly found himself contemplating forced migration).
The poor sweet guy who's job up to now has been to chirp the extraordinarily obvious for the enchantment of the much-wiser-than-he preschool viewers is now facing suspicious glares from the Tea-Partiers who think PBS stands for Propaganda By Socialists. 
And of course the "mainstream liberal media" puppeteered by the All Powerful Hope-and-Change-ful One is gleefully waiting to exploit Sesame Street's favorite formerly feathered 
And all this time he thought right-wing and left-wing referred to body parts. 

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