Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Little Quinquagenarian

My daughter is officially two-thirds my age today.  She recently received an AARP membership application and commented that such things as AARP memberships were making the actual number harder to deny. 

I don’t know why she’d want to deny it, being two-thirds my age doesn’t seem all that bad to me.  

another birthday that started with 5
Two-Thirds has been an extraordinary elementary school teacher for the past two decades, so I imagine she has developed one heckuva lethal stare which can not only silence a chatty third-grader during a test, but can also silently communicate make my day … I haven’t eviscerated anyone since ten this morning to any helpful sales people who might otherwise dare to offer her a senior discount.

She can always claim AARP is an acronym for something else…

                Apple Addicts Rehab Patient
                Am Acting Really Persnippity

Okay … it’s harder than I thought to find something else that works with AARP … but Two-Thirds is a clever girl, she’ll think of something.

She needn’t really concern herself though – she is a bright, wonderful, engaging being, and she is ageless to those fortunate to interact with her.
Happy Birthday Two-Thirds!
Love you infinitely,

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