Friday, December 7, 2012

Well, The Mavericks Had Fun


Robert Sarver Having Fun
I wasn't at the guaranteed fun-or-your-money-back game last night.  I watched on television.  And I think I should get my money back because I had to stay up until 11:30 to find out who won.  SPOILER ALERT!:  It wasn't the Suns.  They lost by three points.  I might have sobbed, but I lost interest around 10:45.

The earlier game on TNT - that was FUN.  The  New York Knicks clobbered the Miami Heat in Miami. Mi-oh-Mi.  Maybe Lebron and Company are weighted down by those gigantic salaries.  I wonder how I can volunteer to take some of that cash off their hands - you know - to improve their game?

This morning I am completing my 4-Step Funny-Back-Form (it's a download from a secret hidey-hole on the Sun's website) and praying I get my check before the world ends or I go over the Cliff, which ever comes first.

Despite the snooze-fest that was the Suns-Mavs game, I was still having fun (the picture-in-picture feature on my TV allowed me to simultaneously watch Sean Hannity convulsing on the floor and clutching his head while Ann Coulter ... Ann Coulter ... stood over him growling, "the Republicans lost the election") until the camera zoomed in on Sun's owner, Robert Sarver, apparently just before he dropped to the floor, clutching his head and convulsing. 

He has pretty good seats.  I wonder how big his refund will be.



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