Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Rupert Murdoch Would Be So Proud

Judge:  Hobby Lobby must offer morning-after pill
Associated Press Mon Nov 19, 2012 6:47 PM

Craft Product Line for Non Procreators
"Whatever your drug of choice,
serve them with style"
Being a customer of Hobby Lobby for the last few years, I did a double-take when I saw this headline ... the image that initially sprang to mind was of Martha Stewart standing at the door offering a tray of pharmaceuticals in little fluted cups (from her new line of pharmaceutical serving ware).  Reading the article, I discovered the judge who issued this startling order was actually mandating an employee health insurance inclusion.

This FLOG is not about my opinions on the judge's order, Hobby Lobby's response to it, or even health care in general.  During the process of earning my degree in journalism from the University of Washington, I took a course in headline writing.  Headline writing requires skill and concentration in order to convey the essence of the story in a minimal number of words.  My experiences in journalism have taught me that many headlines are hysterical, misleading and weird as Glenn Beck's upbringing must have been. 

Police begin campaign to run down
There is the occasional poorly thought out headline that escapes the editor's eye (i.e., Police begin campaign to run down jaywalkers) and then there is the outraged (but hilariously delusional) rant headline (think Karl Rove), and lets not forget the National Enquirer style eye-catching but ridiculous variety (Three headed baby vocally channels Elvis, Bing Crosby, & Ethel Merman) - the three headed baby is of course located in a tiny jungle village in a land far far away.  There aren't as many of this type since the advent of Photoshop and Google Maps. 

Drunk gets 9 months in
violin case

We are now in the era of online news ... many article authors are paid per click, which makes an evocative headline a necessity.  It didn't take me long to find bevy of current attention-getters.

  • Prostitutes Appeal to Pope
  • Miners Refuse to Work After Death
  • Iraqi Head Seeks Arms
  • Red Tape Holds Up New Bridge
  • Old School Pillars Replaced By Alumni
  • Panda Mating Fails; Veterinarian Takes Over
  • Lack of Brains Hinders Research
  • Squad Helps Dog Bite Victim
  • Hershey Bars Protest

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