Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Great News for the Republican Party

mmm...still chewy
Republicans can rejoice!   Well, they can at least stop clutching their heads and trying to think up new ways to disavow association, now that those whacky game-changers Todd Akin & Richard Mourdock have lost (gasp!) their respective campaigns. 

However, Akin (the legitimate rape guy) and Mourdock (God intended pregnancies from rape) seem almost like sweet, naive children when compared to Arkansas' Axis of Idiots;  Jon Hubbard, Charlie Fuqua and Loy Mauch.

My mother-in-law grew up in Turrell, Arkansas and I followed Arkansas politics.  I even penned a book about Bill Clinton in the 90s, but scuttled any thoughts of publishing it at the time because my daughter was working for the Clinton administration. 

Even so, I never heard of the Axis of Idiots until I read Max Brantley's One More Excerpt from the Republicans' Three Stooges in the Arkansas Times.  It is a brilliant term ... Axis of Idiots ... it certainly leaves room for more idiots of which there is sadly no shortage.  I am happy to report that Charlie Fuqua, who drafted legislation to allow executions of "rebellious children" and Loy Mauch who wrote letters to the Arkansas Times likening Abraham Lincoln (particularly his stance against slavery) to Nazis, war criminals, and communists and because, "Jesus and Paul never condemned it"  both successfully horrified voters into casting their votes for other candidates.  I imagine Jack The Ripper might have been a preferable choice.   Let's not forget Jon Hubbard, who wrote a self-published book which extolled the virtues of slavery - and how those enslaved were actually better off.   Seriously. 

Jon Hubbard, Charlie Fuqua & Loy Mauch
Arkansas' Axis of Idiots

It's good to know that there are sincere politicians like Hubbard, Mauch and Fuqua - I mean, who would pretend to believe that b.s. and still expect to be elected.  It's also reassuring that they did not get elected - perhaps the public is not as apathetic as the Axis of Idiots hoped.


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