Thursday, November 1, 2012

To the campaign-sick kid in Colorado - I'm with ya!

It’s five days until Election Day.  I apparently am more crucial to the Obama campaign than voter registration, rallies and even the state of Ohio.  I know this because yesterday at 8:38am Michelle Obama emailed me to tell me how important I am. 
At 9:36am Ann Marie Habershaw emailed with the same sentiment. 
At 10:25am, Jim Messina sent a message requesting a donation to the Red Cross to assist in dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. 
At 12:37pm, Rufus Gifford sent an email with 7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore (I assume he meant ignore his email requesting another campaign donation). 
At 3:38pm, Joe Biden sent me a campaign donation request so “you can stop the other side from buying and bullying its way to a win right at the end.  That statement leaves me to wonder if my donation wouldn’t be used to buy a win for, uh, this side.
At 7:59pm, Obama for America sent an email offering me a chance to win FRONT ROW SEATS to his election night speech in Chicago, including airfare and hotel – all I have to do is donate to his campaign.  If his election night speech was going to be in Hawaii, I might have bitten.
At 10:40pm, Obama for America sent the first useful email I’d seen all day … click here to read it
At  8:41am this morning, the Big O himself personally emailed me  (see, I told you I was crucial).  He said “we” got outraised pretty badly in the first half of this past month by Mitt Romney and the Republicans (also the name of Mitt’s garage band).  Because I “am one of Obama’s most committed supporters” the Prez was writing to invite me to commit some more.
Now, I do in fact support Obama and think he did a good job as president in the last four years.  Hurricane Sandy aside, I find it incredibly difficult to believe anyone who can remember where they were in November of 2008 does not think we as a country are in significantly better economic condition four years later (Bernie Madoff  and the mortgage crises ring a bell?).  I hope Obama will be re-elected.
That said, I will be enormously grateful when this election is over and the hundreds of millions of dollars raised and spent on all the campaigns is not rubbed in my face on an hourly basis.  I’d expound on that thought but Stephanie Cutter has just sent me an email of critical importance .
forego the campaign donation - storm victims need your help more

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