Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trick or Treat?

I had no intention of writing anything about Halloween until my sister-in-law sent me this: 

I knew I wasn’t going to copy the idea on my grandchildren: I know better than to leave Kaz long enough to paint and stage the photo and at six-and-a-half, Izzy is unlikely to cooperate (plus I'd probably get arrested).  

Instead, I took them to the MacDonald’s Ranch Pumpkin Patch where Old MacDonald wanted entry fees of $10 for Izzy, $10 for me. There was no charge for Kaz.  Admission included a hayride and other perks, but I wasn’t about to stay longer than it took to pick out a couple of pumpkins.  I thought about sending Kaz in alone, but I opted to take the mile drive down the road to the Cactus Garden that rents out space to a pumpkin farmer every Halloween.  No admission fee.  No customers and pricey pumpkins based, of course, on size.  No good. 

Earlier reconnaisance at Home Depot led us back there and Izzy insisted we “buy a pumpkin here… I don’t want to go any other place.” 

Before I had a chance to help carve the critter, “Aunt” Dodo came to town and purchased carving tools and a battery-operated light. I decided to take it inside at night with almost two weeks left until October 31. When I picked it up and the bottom fell out, I dumped it before the critters came around for a midnight snack.  

Last Saturday Izzy went to a pre-Halloween party and brought home a pumpkin she had carved. Well done, except one of the several teeth she carved fell out.

She said she was going to put the tooth under her pillow. I said I don’t think the Tooth Fairy shows up for pumpkins, but maybe on Halloween. Who knows?

I bought Kaz his own little pumpkin which he will most certainly mistake for a ball and throw it to (at) me.

Happy Halloween!

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