Thursday, March 21, 2013

To upgrade or not to upgrade (it's not really a question)

I picked up my rotary dial phone to call my 5.25" floppy disc supplier only to discover they are now an online pharmaceutical sales company specializing in Cialis and Viagra.  I suppose discs have gone the way of the dodo but "floppies" (in one form or another) still have a market.
I guess I may have to consider getting a new computer.  Or go back to my Underwood typewriter.   I am not a dinosaur or a luddite - I'm perfectly willing to let a computer do just about everything for me.  I just don't adapt to change well.  Merely contemplating a new set of "user friendly" commands is exhausting and scary.  But even my five-year-old granddaughter, who thinks my Walkman cassette player is some new-fangled technology, is dragging me into the future.  She keeps trying to jam a flash drive into the floppy drive so I can watch the latest Disney Princess movie with her.
My friend Roger recently told me to man up and learn how to use my new Galaxy SIII phone instead of trading it in for a duplicate of my old phone (which gave up the ghost) I found on eBay.
Mean Eileen has the same technical instructions for all electronic equipment:  Just push all the buttons.  I pointed out that my new phone only has one button so she modified her advice to, just push all the buttons or the tiny picture that most resembles what it is you want it to do. 
What I want it to do?  I want it to call the person I want to speak to, when I want to speak to that person (as opposed to randomly calling when the phone is in my pocket).  

As for my computer, I confess I actually have one that was manufactured this century, although I really did own and use several of the Kaypro 4 Portable Computers (pictured above) in my advertising business in the 80s.  Mean Eileen asked if they increased productivity - I suppose they did.  At least they made us look like we were technologically savvy.

I will wait to upgrade my current computer until a mind-reader version is introduced - one that figures me out, not the other way around.  

problem exists between
keyboard and chair

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