Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Moot Point Bowl

I wasn't going to write a word about the Pooper Super Bowl - my personal opinion of the so called "Greatest Show on Grass" isn't very enthusiastic.  But I like the 49ers and Beyonce is awesome (even lip-synching) so I tuned in.

The first half, while hugely entertaining for Baltimore fans, left me certain that Beyonce was going to bail on the half-time show and in her place the proverbial Fat Lady was going to belt out a stirring rendition of Goodnight Sweetheart.

But Beyonce emerged and was her fabulous self.  I assumed the 49ers were in the locker room, getting a gentle talking-to by their coach, and missed her performance.  I hoped when they returned to the field, I would see some amazing plays.  I did - the Ravens' Jacoby Jones channeled some Hurricane Katrina power and set a Pooper Bowl record returning the second-half kickoff for 108 yards.

Then, all the prayers of, "please make it stop" were answered.  Briefly.  There have been rumblings on the news about what occurred - from the conspiracy theories (launched by the unfortunate souls who finally made it thru the concession-stand line only to be turned away when the lights went out), to faux-outraged stadium officials demanding an investigation. 

Not that it matters - it would have only been an issue had San Francisco managed to pull out a win - then the word issue almost certainly would have been replaced with flaming, car-over-turning riots.

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