Thursday, September 16, 2010

Somewhat Floggy

I've never liked the word BLOG. Probably because a few years ago when I was still trying to make a living, people began referring me to their "Blogs" and I was too proud to tell them I had no idea what a Blog was. Reading a few of them was a lot like the time I was prescribed the sleeping pill, Lunesta, and accidentally received Viagra instead (my pharmacist had vision and hearing problems).  The results were disturbingly ... interesting ... and not at all what I expected from a so-called sleep aid. 
So back to Blogs. The first ones I read were disturbingly interesting, but once I found those I was supposed to read, they put me to sleep at my computer. And they kept getting longer.  And, unable to stop the aging process, I was aware that my time was getting shorter.  So I stopped reading blogs.
Then I went to a Social Media Conference and learned about Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Something Awful, Talkbiznow, Vox and other Social Network Media. I said I would never get involved with any of these. I've never Twitted or Tweeted or even sent a Text Message or a Sexed Message. My daughter set me up with a Facebook account, although the only time I looked at it, there were requests from sixteen unkown girls who wanted to "friend" me.  Their photos were sexy but viewing them I could only wonder, "where did I put those antibiotics?"
Now, at the age of 73 I am establishing a new business and Eileen, my unsentimental and often brutally blunt editor, says I've got to have my own Website and Blog. I agreed to both on the condition that I could call my Blog a  FLOG.
"Why do you want to call it a Flog?" Eileen asked. "Flog" I said, "means to whip or beat severely." Nearly all of my contemporaries started new careers when they retired from their old ones. They all play golf. Some more than 40 hours a week. Golf spelled backwards is flog. So as I write my log I want to replace B with F and pretend I am out on the flog esruoc having a good time like Tiger Woods.  Although I suppose Elin's having a better time these days.
So, Eileen, this is the first FLOG, severely whipped out by David Stern.

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  1. Congratulations on your first post. May I express my sincerest wish that you religiously continue on with your Flog, instead of adding more chapters to your book(s).

    Non-loquaciously yours,