Friday, August 24, 2012

Eye of the Beholder Presents - The Phoenix

presented by Eye of the Beholder Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ

In case you were wondering about my art gallery, Eye of the Beholder, we are still in business although for the moment we are operating out of our warehouse.

This beautiful ironwood sculpture is currently listed on eBay and is available to view by appointment (in Scottsdale, AZ).   

I became acquainted with the artisan, Jonathan Sorrell, early this year when we represented him and sold several of his works in our gallery.  Jonathan is as remarkable and unique as his art and I am very proud to call him a good friend.

Jonathan is currently plying his amazing woodworking skills on cactus cadavers, which we will feature as soon as they are completed.
We have other works by various artists we will be showcasing online in the next few weeks, and currently have several pieces showcased in the new Philadelphia Sandwich Company in Old Town Scottsdale (4225 N. Craftsman Court).

For more information about The Phoenix, contact the artisan, Jonathan Sorrell, direct at

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