Monday, September 19, 2011

If The Shoe Fits ...

More adventures in How Not To Buy A House in Arizona

My housemate/daughter's  Realtor turned onto a back-road circuitous route to the first house of ten we would look at on her quest to find the right house for two adults needing two home offices, bedrooms and baths, two rooms for young children, one for a Nanny and a large well equipped kitchen.

The long street went by one corral after another with beautiful horses.

Scottsdale, AZ had segued into Louisville, KY. I loved the ride. I loved the horses. I loved the ambiance (Ruth clearly didn’t).  I liked the contemporary ranch-style home (again, "no bueno" from Ruth).  But when she walked into the master bedroom closet the large shoe collection within captured her attention.  She noticed immediately that the owner of the home wears the same size as she does.

I turned to  Realtor Rick.   “Do the shoes convey?” I asked.

If he can work it out, we may have a new home.

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