Monday, July 18, 2011

Three Degrees of Seperation

I'm in Westhampton, Long Island, New York and my amiable host (The Host With The Most) has an overnight guest, Dale,  who lives in Manhattan and is originally from Memphis, Tennessee where my late wife, Margaret, grew up. 

Dale's older sister was a friend of Margaret and a classmate at Central High School.  Dale is trying to reach friends from Memphis, named Belsky who are on Long Island visiting relatives but is unable to reach them because she doesn't have the right cell phone number. She mentions the name Belsky and I recognize them as somebody Margaret knew, and who also are close friends with Irvin and Deana Serenco (my dear friends in Memphis). 

So I call the Serencos on my cell phone and get the cell phone numbers for the correct Belskys, write it down on a piece of paper and deliver it to Dale.

The small world is getting smaller.

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